18 December 2013

If At First You Don't Succeed...

I haven't really done any sewing in at least 6 weeks due to, well, life. However, for the last two weeks I've been sick and don't want to leave my house so I am fighting what will hopefully be the last epic battle with the Fly South quilt.

Loki was "helping" as per usual...

So far, I've ripped out yet another set of quilting, re-ironed and starched the top and back into submission, spray basted, regular basted, and even bled on this quilt.

I'm not kidding about the blood: I stabbed myself basting

As one of the first tops I started after buying a sewing machine back in January, I very much want to add it to the list of finished quilts for 2013. The funny thing is that I actually made two versions of this quilt and never posted the finish for the other one because I wanted them to go up together. So I've had what I consider version 2 completed and gifted for months while the original has been sitting around mocking me all this time. *sigh*