24 June 2016

An Old Finish

Back in like March I was asked to bind an antique quilt that was made and hand quilted by my friend's friend's grandmother. It is all hexagons and totally beautiful.

Those are not reproduction fabrics!

I was slightly nervous, but also really excited because I had never done a jagged edge binding before. It was pretty difficult because those hexies are like 1 inch per side so the binding is a little thick. I ended up sort of sewing the points in while doing the hand sewing part so that it would lay flatter. I am more or less satisfied with the result and the requester was overjoyed, so pretty much a success!

The binding color almost perfectly matches the center hexagons

This counts as a double old finish because I was done with the binding back in like early May. I'm going to blame the newest addition to my menagerie for the delay in posting. Say hello to Pancake!