11 November 2015

WIP Wednesday - Seeing Red

After a great 2 weeks in China for my brother's wedding in September, I spent all of October catching up on work and finishing unpacking from our move. So far, November has been the month of sewing. I am nearing completion on my Paris Flea Market Find Quilt (kit) that is intended for my friend who got married the week before me.  

Layout of 25 patches. My only rule was "no two of the same fabric touching"

I've been using the ironing board as my staging area

I'm currently sewing the blocks into rows and the sashing pieces together. With any luck I'll have the top finished by the end of the week. I have also upgraded my sewing space. For the first time ever I can view my stash without having to dig through a cardboard box. I'm pretty excited ^_^

Top: supplies. Second: WIPs. Third: stash! Bottom: scraps. And on the very top, a plant.