Finished Quilts


Double Irish Chain, for me/baby

Paris Flea Market Find, AKA Red Wedding

Baby Spools, for my husband's boss's new baby

Spring Slice, for my cousin's baby


True Colors, for a wedding gift

Hexagons for Baby, for my friend's baby (obviously)

A quilt my mom and I made together for my cousin's wedding


Trinity Celtic Knot, a wedding quilt for a friend

Swoon, a wedding quilt for my labmate

No Tears In Science, Texas Teardrops QAL (full size version)

Orderly Chaos, a scrappy HST and DNP quilt for my boyfriend's couch

Fly South (baby geese version) for my reading closet


Fly South (green-pink-brown version) given to my sister

Gung Mun (second pattern inspired by my trip to Korea)

Broken Herringbone for my coworker's baby shower

Window to Seoul (pattern by me) for 100 Quilts for Kids

Lost at Sea, disappearing nine patch sampler

Texas Tear Drops QAL (small, neutrals version) for my host in Korea

Spring Fever, for my friend's baby shower

Little Peeks (and matching pillowcase) for my more or less sister

Drunkard's Path baby blanket for my cousin


The horse blanket, ~10 years in the making. My mom did the piecing and I did the quilting and binding (possibly some of the sashing/borders too, I don't remember). On the rare occasions when I make my bed, this quilt goes on top. The back is flannel so I consider it my fall/winter quilt.

The best part is that the manes are 3D


Double Whirligigs. My friend Kat made this pattern when we were in college and I always admired it. After we graduated I was living with my parents for the summer, going crazy, so I made a quilt. I generally consider this my spring/summer quilt since it's very thin. When I'm not using it, it lives in a basket that my cat likes to sleep in.

It's symmetric so just imagine this rotated 180 degrees and that's the other half. The back is very ugly.


My first solo quilt (for my then boyfriend's birthday). I designed this pattern (it was some kind of swirl type pattern made from squares and HSTs) and did all the piecing and quilting myself. I wonder how it's held up/if he still has it...

This is the only known picture of this quilt. At least I know it was used ^_^


The frog blanket. My mom and I made this rag quilt together for me to take to high school. I've loved it for the last ~10 years and it's held up pretty well. Nowadays I use it as a picnic blanket (it's the perfect size!) when I'm not sleeping under it. Update: this quilt is currently under repair because my puppy tried to eat it. Bad dog!

Someday in the near future there will be a picture here...

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