10 May 2013

Spring Fever Baby Quilt Complete!

Not so long ago I got a mini charm pack that I had no idea what to do with. Then I found out that an acquaintance of mine was having a baby girl in July and I knew the squares had found their purpose. After finding their purpose, the squares were then promptly forgotten as I got all into the Texas Teardrops QAL.

A few weeks ago I got invited to the baby shower and freaked out! The baby may not be here until July but I kind of forgot that baby showers happen before babies. This particular shower is on May 11 (yes, that is tomorrow...) which was not all that much time considering all the other things I needed to get done.

Enter rapid panicked baby quilt making mode!

Pattern: nine patches, 4 patches on point, and a ticker tape-esque panel
Fabric: Spring Fever by Me and My Sister Designs for Moda mini charm pack, solid pink sashing/border, and scraps from Little Peeks for the top. The back is purple swirls and I used a striped fabric called candy or something like that from Connecting Threads for the binding.
Quilting: I got le super lazy pants with this one and just did an all over stipple with variegated pink thread (also left over from Little Peeks). I also embroidered the baby's name in the center with the same thread.
New stuff: ticker tape, stripes for binding, and embroidery

Not too shabby in the stippling department

I am quite pleased with the results of my speed quilting. I also finally figured out the secret for no eyelashes on my stipples: crank up the tension and floor it! This may not be the best method but it worked perfectly for me so I'm going to go with it. The flooring it method is also nice because then the quilting goes super fast! I quilted and bound in about 2 hours Tuesday night.


  1. Nice! That's pretty much how I deal with eye-lashing, too.

  2. Great speed quilting!
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