01 May 2013

Freezer Paper and Sea Creatures

I have mostly been working on my QAL lately, but I have made a little progress on quilting my blue ocean DNP sampler.

This is my super secret freezer paper template quilting method which has given me very nice results every time I've used it. It even looks good if you don't follow the lines exactly. The only downside for this particular usage is that I sew the freezer paper so it's not reusable and I have to pick out little bits of paper when I'm done.

It is kind of a pain

Picking out freezer paper stinks, but there is basically no other way to achieve such intricate designs (at least for me). Also, I thought about the paper picking beforehand and purposely used much smaller stitches than I usually do with FMQ to make the ripping easier. So far, I've done half of the planned freezer paper sea creatures. They take about an hour to sew and remove the paper which is not too bad but I really haven't had the time recently. As soon as I can finish the quilting I want to start using this baby so I already put the binding on and have sewn about 1/3 of it down.

Loki has been quite helpful in this process ^_^


  1. What a neat idea! Look forward to seeing the finished quilt.

  2. This technique looks quite interesting. I might give this a try on a wall-hanging. Do you iron the freezer paper to the top so it will not slip while you are sewing?