08 May 2013

One Leaps Ahead and Another Falls Behind

I have made great progress recently on one of my Texas Teardrop QAL tops and absolutely no progress on the other. I thought I was going to fall behind in the appliqué stage and I kind of have but not entirely, which is a relief.

I have not yet appliquéd any of the brights on white teardrops, but I have finished appliquéing, trimming, and putting together the blocks for the neutral version.

My first appliqué!
 I also put together the pieces for the border. I'm going to put a thin solid border between the top and the pieced border and another one on the outside before the binding. I have the inner and outer border fabrics, but I haven't yet gotten backing or binding. I do have to do a little unsewing and lining up for the border but I am pretty happy with the plan. I don't know yet what I'm going to do for the quilting.

All together and pinned to the wall

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  1. Looks awesome! Your border is really good.