27 April 2013

Pi's Trick Log

I was thinking, recently, about all the things I've taught Pi to do as well as some of the things I wish I could teach her to do. So, I decided to make a list.

Commands She Knows:
-sit & sitz
Action shots!
-stay (sit and down)
-come, come here, & come here now
-go away
-go outside
-go home
-go potty
-open the door
-get in your spot
-shake & other paw
-high five & other paw
-high ten
-hup (like beg or sit pretty)
Hoop is a fun trick!
-circle (counter clockwise)
-leave it
-fetch it up
-roll over
-let's go
-turn (away from me)
-this way (turn with/towards me)
-move it
-push (a button)
-okay (for release)
-aaah/erh (this sound I make that is vaguely buzzer-like when she does something wrong)

Things We're Working On:
-drop it
-stop (like stop walking/running)
-stay (when standing)
-pull (for tug of war)
-shake it off (she'll only do it once even if she's still wet)
-focus (like watch me)
-spin (clockwise)
-play dead
-give (she knew this once but I don't know if she still does, I don't have much opportunity to test it)
-say hi
-go find
-freeze (stand with one paw raised)

Words She Recognizes:
-bike ride
-tasty treat
-who's a bad bad dog?

Words I Hope She Never Recognizes:

Some of the commands I think are more about the hand motion than what I'm actually saying. For example, she will pretty much go wherever I point. Not all of these commands have an associated hand signal, but sometimes, like for hup and circle, the hand signal is more reliable than the word. Also, I have two different whistles that I use: one is for pay attention/look at me and the other is for come. They're really useful at the dog park so I don't have to shout, I can just use the look at me whistle and then do a hand motion for whatever I want.

And now, to be fair to the feline population, Admiral's Trick Log:

1. Sit
3. Stick 'em up
2. High Five
I also apparently convinced him to jump up on that bucket but I'm pretty sure I just led him there with tuna so it doesn't really count as a trick. Originally, I planned to teach him stick 'em up and then bang bang (play dead) but I've never really gotten to it. I also once attempted to teach him to jump through a hoop but he was not interested, not even for tuna.

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