03 April 2013

QAL Fabric Choices and Prep

Last night I went shopping for a few things that I need to start the QAL. Apparently week 1 is for getting your stuff together so I am on track (except for getting the coordinating threads which is problematic since I have so many different colors...)

Ready. Set. Sew!

I am as yet undecided about fabric. The original quilt, as well as the suggestions, are all brights on white.

Brights are nice

But, I also think it could look really cool using neutral prints on other neutrals (solids and prints that look more or less solid).

Neutrals for the drops

If I go for neutrals I only have 17 so some of the drops would not have the outer-most ring, which I think will significantly change the look of the finished product. Maybe it will be so different that ignoring the whole "use high contrast fabrics" thing will be okay?

Most likely, I will end up doing both versions because, well, I'm all over ambitious like that.

I'm linking to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. There is a place in this world for us overachievers. LOL. I got that reputation at a guild retreat where we were doing a mystery and after making a 4-inch HST border I felt the quilt needed another smaller and did a 2-inch border.

  2. I'm leaning more towards the neutrals, I think they will make a lovely texas teardrop quilt!