23 April 2013

Prepping for Korea, Part 1: The Menagerie

My first concern as I started to plan for my trip to Korea this summer was, of course, my animals. Before I even knew if I had gotten the fellowship, I had confirmed caretakers.

Pi will be going to Santa Fe, New Mexico with my landlady and co. She is going to have so much fun! The kitties will be staying home and my meimei has agreed to feed and water them. That makes them sound like plants...

Who wouldn't love this?

Now that I know I got the fellowship, the rapid preparations have started. First I bought all of the kibbles! Then I moved Pi's vet appointment up so she would get her checkup and teeth cleaning before I left. And finally I got some new tags with my landlady's or sister's cell phone number on them because it will not be very useful for people to call me when I'm in Korea.

This is what 90 lbs of kibbles looks like

I still don't know my travel dates or where I'll be staying or what exactly my research goals are for this summer, but at least the important stuff is sorted ^_^

Are you coming, or what?

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