29 March 2013

Science is Hexie

So instead of working on finishing the quilting for the blue quilt or editing my manuscript draft or doing an experiment, I made a pillow today!

Ta-da! A crappy phone pic!

I used a 16" pillow form and made one of those pocket style covers for it. The fabric is various science-themed fabrics: resistors and gears in a stripe pattern, chemistry style molecules, math formulas and diagrams, and, best of all, animals in lab coats doing science stuff (Lab Animals by Michael Miller). The background is Kona ash and the back is a gray polka dot.

For the quilting I just did a basic stipple. One corner has tighter/smaller stippling than the rest because I originally wanted to do tiny stippling but then spaced out and lapsed into my standard stipple size. I never realized how much eyelashing I get when I stipple (probably because I didn't know it was bad, I actually think it looks kind of cool...) but I figure it doesn't matter since they live inside the pillow. I also used a decorative stitch for the binding because I didn't want to sew it on by hand but I'm pretty bad at making binding look nice/hiding the stitches.

New Techniques: hexagons and dun-dun-dun the y-seam, fussy cutting (so I could get that cat with the microscope), and making a pillow cover

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  1. Are we all doing pillows this week??? This is about the fifth one, not counting two of mine....LOL they are great little projects!
    Love your design!