22 March 2013

Two Small, But Satisfying, Finishes

For Christmas this year I gave my baby sister a Star Wars piggy bank that I made at one of those 'paint the pre-made pottery' places.

I call him 'Darth Piggy'

Then, one day not too long ago, I saw a whole shelf of Star Wars fabrics at my LQS and knew that the Munchkin needed something, anything, made with them. And so I made her this pillow case. It was fast and easy and she absolutely loved it! What more could a big sister ask for?

I also made an iPod armband last Saturday following this tutorial. The directions worked perfectly, no unsewing required.

I didn't make mine scrappy really because I wanted it to match my headphones (and shoes) which are that same blue color. I quilted it with a loose stipple in the grey and a geometric stipple-ish thing in the blue using a variegated blue thread. I also lined mine with flannel because I am paranoid about scratching my phone. I also put two pieces of elastic for added gripping power. If I did it again, I would be more careful about the rubberband placement; mine is a little short and off center but at least it functions.

I tested the case out in lab this week and was pleased to find it very effectively keeps my headphone cables out of the way of all the things in lab that want to snag them. I even wore it "running" with the dog with great success. (I say "running" because I walk faster than I run, I'm not kidding).

Go check out Finish it Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts!

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