10 February 2013

First Finish and a Sneak Peek

I recently purchased a sewing machine and have been making things for about 3 weeks straight. I blame my former roommate for sending me some cool patterns and charm packs for Christmas. 

And so it begins.

I have done some quilting in the past but I always just used my mom's stash. Since buying my own machine I have made frequent visits to the ladies at the conveniently located quilt store (about 3 blocks from my house) and have been calling my mom all the time to ask for advice. I never realized all the nuances and decisions that have to be made. It was way easier when I just used whatever my mom had! Friday night I finished my first quilt with my shiny new machine. I had quite a bit of help with it along the way...

Loki consulted on the layout.
Admiral helped with the quilting.

This little guy (about 30"x40") is going to my cousin and his wife who are having their first baby in April. I don't know if it is going to be a girl or a boy so I tried to go for gender neutral but I really like blue so it ended up more boy-ish than girl-ish. Whatever, no one will begrudge a free blankie!

The requisite outdoor photo.

Close-up of the quilting and backing.
Pattern: Drunkard's Path
Fabric: Pieces of Hope by Riley Blake Designs charm pack with flannel for the back
Quilting: Concentric circles (only in the background fabric) using freezer paper templates
New Techniques: magic binding, sewing curves

I currently have two other quilts in the works using the fabric I got for Christmas (as seen in the first photo). The tops are pretty much done (minus borders) and one has a back. Here's a preview of one of them using a pattern called "Little Peeks" designed by my roommate:

I'm pretty sure it is impossible to quilt without a banister.


  1. Your baby blanket looks awesome! I especially like how you quilted it.

    1. Thanks! My mom called me this morning and said she liked it too ^_^ It made those circles worth it, they were a total pain. In the future I will only do spirals so there is less starting and stopping.