19 February 2013


My baby blanket success of last week has spurred on my other quilting efforts.

First up, Little Peeks.

basted and marked for quilting

another close-up

To finish it up I'm planning on using a purple for the binding and doing a little more quilting in the borders.

Also in the works is a disappearing nine patch sampler with a nautical theme.


back (that batik is gray, not green and the greens are more teal)

These are not particularly good snapshots of this one because I took them indoors at night but you get the idea. I have very little idea what I'm going to do for the quilting but the first challenge will be basting it so the stripes across the middle align...

And just so everyone knows I do stuff other than quilt, here's an SEM image of nanoparticles that I made this week. I'm super happy with these guys because they're so nice and small!


  1. That free motion butterfly is so cute! I am finally learning to free motion. Congrats on your cute little nanoparticles :)

    1. Thanks! This is the first time I tried to free motion anything other than stippling. Luckily, I'm not that perfectionist-y with it (if you can believe that!) so I'm generally pleased with the results. Also I only photograph the ones that turn out really well... ^_^