21 February 2013

Finished - Little Peeks and Mini Peeks Pillowcase

Here is the final installment on my Little Peeks adventure. I am generally pleased with the results, especially considering this is my first full size quilt in a few years and the most ambitious quilting I've ever attempted.

It was muddy (and cold!) and I didn't have anyone to hold the quilt up
for me so this pic is sideways, but you get the idea

Pattern: Little Peeks by Kat
  • Changes: different layout of blocks (intentional) and no extra row of white sashing before the first border (unintentional, I wasn't paying attention and put the blue on before I noticed...)
Fabric: Good Morning by Me & My Sister Designs for Moda charm pack, Moda Marbles purple (binding) and carribean blue (inner border), a flower print for the outer border, and a grey floral/bird print for the back
Batting: Quilter's Dream Request. I chose this thin cotton batting because this is a summer-y quilt and because the batting is white
  • Around the cathedral window blocks: grid of flowers, butterflies, and dragonflies connected with little curlicues with white on top and gray in the bobbin. 
  • Between/around blue and white borders: stitch in the ditch. 
  • Outermost border: one big flower in each corner with pink/orange variegated 
  • Inner blue border: words, hearts, and stars with blue variegated. They say dream-believe-love-explore with a star on either side of dream and hearts on either side of love.

It turned out much crinklier/puffier than I expected

The "believe"s definitely turned out the best

New Technique: free motion quilting something other than stippling! and cathedral windows

I'm pretty sure folded pics are required too...

In addition, I used the cut-off corners of the charms to make the Mini Peeks suggested in the pattern. I turned mine into a pillowcase instead of a wall hanging and quilted the white spaces with the same flower-butterfly-dragonfly curlicues. The other side of the pillowcase is flannel because I figured those folds would not be pleasant to sleep on. For the cuff I used the same fabric that is on the back of the quilt. I followed one of those pillowcase tutorials where you roll up all the layers and then French seam the sides together. It seems to be *the* pillowcase making method.

Mini Peeks pillowcase - so cute and tiny!

Friends Forever!

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  1. Yay! I am so impressed by your quilting, the dragon flies are so cute. way to go :) I make my pillowcases differently. the next time i make one i am going to take pictures and post a tutorial, but actually you could probably just look at amrei's and figure it out.