16 January 2015

A Christmas Finish

I got in a last minute finish in 2014: the trinity celtic knot wedding quilt. Originally, this quilt was supposed to be professionally quilted and sent to Germany for my friend's wedding in August. That didn't happen. If I remember correctly it was basted and marked for quilting by the time the wedding rolled around.

This was my first time using a stencil and quilt ponce. It went okay.

I didn't really start working on the quilting until earlier in December. In retrospect, I wish I had gotten a larger template because Dear God this took FOREVER! It probably took me over 30 hours just for the quilting. 

I had a lot of kitten shaped help with the quilting. This is one of my new kittens, Sonar.

Her sister, Shishkebab, was also extremely dedicated to helping me...

On Christmas Eve I frantically hand sewed on the binding and washed it 3 times with color catchers. The color catchers were definitely a good call because all 5 of them came out nice and light purple. The 3 washes were because I couldn't get the darn chalk lines off. I guess I left them on too long or something because they refused to wash out. I ended up doing a long soak with baking soda added to get them out. 

Woo its done!

It was all worth it in the end though because I was able to deliver the quilt (with label!) in person on Christmas Day and, as far as I can tell, they loved it ^_^

My first ever label! I had my mom make it on her embroidery machine.

Even though this is an old finish, I'm linking it anyway: Finish it Friday


  1. Well, you're right. It is all worth it in the end. Your quilting is beautiful! I'm always afraid to use the pounce chalk for that reason, or that it will come out by the time I'm getting to that area. It looks beautiful on the bed. Congrats!!!

  2. I think yellow and blue are the hardest chalk marks to remove. Glad you were able to get them out. Looks gorgeous.

  3. This is a beautiful traditional style quilt. I am impressed by the machine quilting

  4. I looks awesome, and your quilting is gorgeous!

  5. I have had problems with dark chalk too. It is still on the quilt. I will try the baking soda as you did. Maybe the purple chalk will come out too! Thanks for the tip!
    I am really impressed by your quilt!

  6. Well done! And that picture of the cat at the sewing machine is darling.