21 January 2015

WIP: My first kit quilt

As I mentioned in my end of 2014 planning for 2015 post, I'm making a wedding quilt for my friend using the True Colors quilt kit. As I want to make two wedding quilts in the first half of 2015, I'm getting started ASAP. So far, I have finished all the cutting.

I have never really done fussy cutting and it took me until the last 2 fabrics (out of like 7 requiring fussy cutting...) to really get a good technique. Depending on how they look when I start sewing the corner triangles on, I might end up re-cutting a fair number of them. Luckily, the kit seemed to foresee this problem and there is definitely enough spare fabric to cut out some extras. Good job kit.

The plan for this week will probably be corner triangles/HSTs and then flying geese for last.

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