28 January 2015

WIP: Hexagons for Baby

I have a friend that is having a baby in April. I want to do a hexagon quilt for her/the baby and have just started auditioning layouts. I'm cheating and using all pre-cut hexagons. My biggest concern is that the baby's gender is unknown and this honeycomb is kind of very pink. Hopefully Europeans aren't as hung up about baby color as we are here in the US...

The original design doesn't use all the hexagons

Maybe I could make a panel for the back or even a second, smaller quilt with the leftovers?

This layout uses all but 4 background hexies. Assuming I can get two corners from one hexie that is...

Decisions, decisions. I'm also considering some other arrangements that I haven't physically laid out yet. Like diagonal stripes and clusters. Linking to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.


  1. When you say pre-cut are you referring to piecing them like they are over basting around the paper?

    1. No this isn't paper pieced hexagons. I'll be machine piecing them. They're each 6 inches across and come in a bundle pre-cut, like a charm pack (5 inch squares) or layer cake (10 inch squares).