04 February 2015

WIP: Kit Work

Recently I've been trying to watch my waistline so that the wedding dress I bought back in August will still fit me in June. Towards this aim, I ditched Superbowl Sunday in favor of Sewing Sunday. After taking the beast for a romp in the snow, I spent a good 6 hours working on the True Colors quilt kit.

Echo really loves giant fields of snow. And cornstalks.

I made all the HST corner pieces and the flying geese units for the stars. Everything is ironed and ready to be made into blocks.

To trim or not to trim? That is the question...

I'm undecided if I'm going to trim things up before I make the blocks. The instructions don't have anything about trimming, I don't usually trim anything (which may explain my terrible point alignments...), and I would really hate to mess it up this far along. Suggestions?


  1. The beast! Did Pi come too or was she home in front of the fire? I'm looking forward to seeing this quilt done. I really like the true color line.

  2. I'd take the dog ears off all these. It will make your life easier if you don't have to deal with the added bulk they will add. Just my two cents worth😃

  3. I like your color scheme! I usually trim before I sew the pieces together.

  4. its very pretty x I like to swim things so I can work on getting points where they should be even if it is tedious :) It makes for a nicer finished project