04 March 2016

Baby Blankets - Finished

I finished up both baby blankets that I was working on. One is already with the intended recipient and the other is going to its new home on Sunday.

Finish #1 - Baby Spools

For this one I repeated 6 different FMQ designs in each block using white for the top and variegated pastels for the back. The designs are: flowers on a vine, stipple, square spiral, square stipple, pebbles, and a sort of elongated stipple, in that order. The quilting is quite dense overall so the post wash crinkle is intense. For the binding I found this gray with little squiggles that look almost like stripes.

Finished size: 42" x 48"



Glamour Shot

Finish #2 - Summer (Spring?) Slice

For this one I did a super lazy loose stipple in variegated pink/purple. For the binding I used more of that gray squiggle/stripe with a black flange for a speedy machine binding. The tiny one took like a week and a half. This one took one day...

I also realized when I went to finish putting it all together that I had made 64 triangle blocks which should make an 8x8 quilt. However, when I was doing the top, I cleverly decided that this quilt should be a rectangle and made it 7x9. So not only is the pattern not really like the original, but I had one random square leftover. Pure genius.

Finished size: 52" x 66"


Back (that's the leftover square)

Close up

The full gift includes a card and a little thing for a digital download of baby-friendly (but not obnoxious) lullaby music. I used this great tutorial to fold the quilts up into little packages, thanks Kat! I also pinned on tags informing the recipients that these quilts are machine washable.

Ready for gifting!


  1. Cute quilts! I'm glad you were able to follow the tutorial!

  2. Beautiful. I love how you fold them to give them away. I like the strip of squares up the back of your quilt.