17 February 2016

WIP: Baby Blankets

I am currently in the process of making two baby blankets. The first is actually one I started a long time ago, a rainbow Summer Slice. It is going to my cousin who is having a baby shower in 2 weeks.

Top completed!

The second is a simple spools pattern that is going to my husband's new boss who's wife is expecting any day now. I am so excited that he asked me to make a quilt as a gift. It's very... validating? I don't know exactly, but it makes me happy.

I think this will be the final layout

Both quilts are going to baby girls to be, so they're both getting pink flannel backings. I am currently totally undecided on quilting. Part of me wants to do something fun, but part of me wants to be quick/lazy and bust out a stipple.

Also, there is apparently no more WIP Wednesday so I guess I'll have to find a new link-up...

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