30 August 2016

More baby stuff

Unsurprisingly, I have been making a ton of baby stuff. In addition to two complete quilts and the car seat blanket, I have done a bunch of onesies and made a car seat canopy.

First up, the iron on appliqués from Kat. I ironed them in place and then used invisible thread to permanently affix them. I don't trust that iron-on stuff to last.

I'm not sure which one is my favorite, they're all so cute!

Second, my own homemade appliqués. I asked my husband to help me with these and he got surprisingly in to it. He picked out the penguin (I traced it from some picture he found online) and the fabric for the guitar. I did all of these except the cat by hand because I wanted to be able to use different thread colors for each part. Luckily, I remembered this box of embroidery thread my grandma had given me years ago and dug it out of the basement. I forgot how time consuming hand stitching is!

I'm super excited about the sheep made from the sheep fabric I got in Korea

Finally, I made a reversible car seat cover. I sort of mashed together the instructions from here and here for the general sizing. To make it reversible I essentially made giant buttonholes for the velcro straps to go through instead of permanently affixing the straps to the cover. Much to my husband's disappointment you can't really reverse it while it is attached to the car seat. We are pretty sure that it would be physically possible to make that happen, but I am still not sure how. Also, it's way too late.

It is also too late for another good idea he had. I was thinking about using the last iron-on appliqué on this because there were two koalas and it seems silly to have two of the same shirt for the baby. However, I decided to put the koala on before I thought to make it reversible. What I should have done is use both koalas on this so there would be one on each side. Stupid husband, why didn't you tell me this earlier! So now I don't know if I'm going to put a koala on at all because it would be kind of weird to see just the outline from the other side.

Pieced side using the remainder of the math fabric I've been saving for years.
And yes, this baby is doomed to be a nerd!

What I generally consider the inside. 

A close-up of a velcro strap and the slits it flips through to make the cover reversible.

This car seat cover/canopy was the last thing I wanted done before the baby came, so I think I'm done making baby things (for now... ^_^). I still have some more plain white onesies that I can appliqué (I owe my husband a T-Rex one), but they're all like 6 month size so I'm not exactly in a hurry.

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