05 June 2013

Prepping for Korea Part 3: Texas Teardrops QAL

As I'm writing this, my present for my host is in the washer getting a rinse before I pop it in the dryer to fluff it up before I leave for Korea in the morning. And by morning I mean in like 5 hours...

The binding isn't all the way on yet but it was getting dark

I'm pretty happy with my QAL results even though I only finished one version, the one that's a present of course. The full size, square, actually following the pattern version is in the all ironed but not appliqued yet stage. Hopefully I will be able to finish it this fall when I come back. Anyway, back to the one I did finish!

I decided on pebbling for the main quilting which was an experience. I'm glad that this quilt is really small (about 40x48) because pebbling takes forever and a TON of thread.

After a quick test, I went for it!

For the borders, I did a little loopy swirly thing with a leaf-esque pattern in the corners. I also did one echo in the center of each teardrop to keep it down. I really like how the quilting looks from the back. I also really like the fabric I found for the back, it has a little bit of gold in it.

borders and corner flower/leaf thing

A zoom in of the back

Check out the flickr group to see everyone else's super awesome (and mostly full size) teardrop quilts!

Update 12 June 2013
I finally got this quilt all wrapped up and gave it to my host on Monday. And she liked it (huge sigh of relief on my part). Turns out this is her favorite color scheme - lucky! 

Also, if anyone is wondering, the squares for the pieced border come from the scraps from cutting out the teardrops. I used the smaller size teardrop from the back of the pattern and a layer cake. I used 41 10" squares total for this quilt mostly from the neutral love collection at Connecting Threads. The inner and outer borders, binding, and backing came from my LQS (which is my way of saying I have no idea who they're by or what they're called).

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