11 September 2015

New Space & Headband

My husband (still not used to that!) and I moved to a new house over Labor Day weekend. As of last night, I have finished unpacking 90-95% of the stuff I was responsible for. Unsurprisingly, I think Brian has unpacked about 2% of the things he was responsible for. 

Anyway, all my sewing stuff has been arranged. All that's left to decide is what to do with the wall space above/behind the table. And maybe get some window treatments so my fabric doesn't get bleached out :)


I feel as though there are two reasonable options: design wall or shelving. The main problem I have with using it as a design wall is cats. I'm pretty sure they would pull it down in 10 minutes or less. If I put some sort of shelving up there I could actually organize all my fabric for the first time ever (a big cardboard box doesn't count as organized, no matter how well it is stacked!). Perhaps some sort of hybrid shelf with a bar for hanging finished blocks? Suggestions welcome!

And just to make me feel like I deserve to be in the link up, here is the only sewing thing I've actually done since getting married: a Dolphin's headband for one of the groomsmen. 

Sorry for the terrible mirror selfie, I was testing to make sure it would fit on a head.

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