26 January 2012

A Good Day (to start a blog!)

I was going to write a post that consisted of variations of the phrase "blah, blah, blah-ity, blah, pickles" so that I could work out my post formatting, but then I had a super awesome day.

Why was today super awesome? Let's see...

Hopefully someday one of these little
beauties will become a fancy bonsai tree!
I will name it Fred.
It was definitely not because I woke up early after not sleeping well, it was cold, it rained all day, I wanted to stab my prof for giving such a boring lecture, and I got stood up by my PIs for our weekly progress meeting and ended up sitting around for an hour because no one told me the meetings were cancelled.

It probably was because:
-I went running with the dog this morning despite the cold rain and my general loathing of running.
-My lab mate fixed the lab fridge saving me from hours on the phone in customer service hell.
-I didn't have to sit in front of my PIs and pretend that I've done something productive in the last week (I totally haven't).
-My bonsai tree seeds sprouted!!
-I composed and sang a song entitled "Fishy Face" while shaving my boss. I may have also made some fishy-faces, for emphasis.
-I got a ride to work so I didn't have to walk in the rain.
-My friend gave a cool presentation on simultaneous MR-PET in class this morning.
-I ate a super delicious dinner.
-I made some pretty okay earrings while rocking out to ABBA this afternoon (thank you meimei for that CD!) 
The chain connects my lobe piercing to my
cartilage piercing (thanks to Z for the idea!)
These are some other attachments for the top
of the chain (they hang down from the top of my ear)

-I managed to shower, get dressed, and brush my teeth in 15 minutes this morning. I'm pretty sure that's a personal record.
-I got a free brownie at my favorite cafe because they gave my roommate an extra.
-I went to a Chinese grocery store near my office/lab and am officially in love. It looks real shady from the outside but I will definitely be buying most of my groceries there this summer.
-I got a pork bun from said Chinese grocery store and it was glorious. I also got a bag of rock sugar for meimei for way cheaper than when I was trying to buy it online at Christmas time.
-I started planning a 2 week adventure on an historic tall ship in May with my friend.  I originally didn't think I would have time because I have to take my qual in June, but as it turns out I can take my finals, go boating for two weeks, and still have time to study for 1-1.5 weeks for my qual. Success.

I think that's about it. Now it's off to bed after some kitty snuggling ^_^

I mean, come on, who wouldn't want to snuggle these guys?

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