28 March 2012

Spring Break 2012

Last week was my spring break. It didn't really go as planned.

Originally I wanted it to look something like this:
I had some grand ideas about how many experiments I was going to do and how my PI was going to be so impressed/happy/etc. Yeah....

In reality my week was more like this:
I mainly participated in unscheduled events like going for a bike-run with Z and taking the dogs to the park. Also, having the meimei around for a few days resulted in much excitement, mainly in the form of bad choices (I love being irresponsible ^_^).

First, I experienced drinking with lunch and I have to say I like being a little buzzed in the middle of the day. Plus alcohol goes so well with BBQ it's practically a must. The biggest sister-initiated hoopla/adventure was getting my nose pierced. I'm still not entirely sure why I did it, I guess meimei is just a bad influence on me. It seems that whenever we visit each other for more than a day we end up doing something crazy (like visiting Tattoo Alley in Taipei). I hope that if she becomes my roommate next year this trend doesn't continue or we will both be in trouble!

Finally, my promised haircut has finally happened! It is not quite as glorious as I envisioned, most likely because I foolishly (again blaming the meimei for this one even though it is totally not her fault) decided not to wait for my regular hair dresser to get back from her vacation. Still, short hair grows fast so I can go get it trimmed properly in a few weeks.

I need to learn how to style it or something. Also, I
need to take better pics and clean my office

As of yet I am undecided on how I feel about the hair. There are some pros and cons so I decided to make a list.

  • I can shower in record time
  • My bottle of shampoo is going to last forever
  • The hair distracts from the new piercing, most of my roommates haven't even noticed yet so they can't judge me/comment awkwardly
  • The new hair makes my nose ring look bad-ass (at least in my mind). I will have to switch to a stud if/when I grow my hair back out
  • I don't have to brush my hair 
  • I can wear hats without my ears looking all sticky-outty from having my hair tucked behind them 
  • I can, and will, make a fohawk and it will be glorious
  • I can wear dangly earrings and people will be able to see them
  • My hair is now pretty much all my natural color
  • My parents probably won't like it (parents are fun to mess with! ^_^)
  • My hair is now pretty much all my natural color
  • My parents probably won't like it (why won't they love me?!?! T_T)
  • I look like a boy (the boobs help prevent this but still)
  • I feel judged, especially when people do notice the nose
  • Biking in the wind made my hair look ridiculous and I have to be careful otherwise it sticks straight up in the back
  • One of my little sisters had a similar haircut and now I feel like a copycat, laaaame
  • I'll have to get some hair products if I want to make a fohawk. hair goop = effort = boooo
  • I can't let my hair down to warm up my ears, luckily we're moving towards summer so this shouldn't be too big of a problem

Well, so far the advantages are outweighing the disadvantages. Let's hope it stays that way for awhile or I'll have to start growing it out right away which is such a waste.

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