29 January 2014

Not happening

So a few weeks a go I was all excited about the whole ALYoF thing and made (what I thought was) a reasonable goal for January: quilt and bind a lap size quilt. The top was already done, the backing was purchased, the quilting was planned, the thread was selected, and the whole thing is only like 45"x60" so I figured with 27 days remaining in January I could not fail.

And then I went on vacation for a week. And then I tried to catch up in lab to make-up for the vacation time I took. And then the semester started and I suddenly had homework and teaching to do. Now there are only 2ish days left in January and my progress is abysmal.

I'm pleased with the result, just not the speed

I will be beyond surprised if this is done by Friday. I hope the other ALYoFers are having better luck than me!

1 comment:

  1. I bet you could finish in one day if you HAD a day between now and Friday. Maybe Saturday? lol