12 March 2014

WIP Wednesday: Pieces

The most productive thing I've done this week is put together about two-thirds of this puzzle. I stayed home sick on Monday and, when not sleeping/having crazy fever dreams/eating cheerios, worked on building the mountain and the sky.

Now all that's left is the purple part...

As for quilting, I started cutting the pieces for a new project: a Swoon Quilt.

The plan, so far

I've seen a bajillion of these guys all over the place (and generally like them), so I decided that my labmate is getting a Swoon for his wedding. I used these two seeds pictures for the color selection.

The fabric pairings and probable block locations

So far, I've cut the colored pieces for all 9 blocks, but I haven't started cutting the background pieces yet. It seems like once all the pieces are cut everything will go together pretty quickly. Of course, this assumes my stacks don't get out of order when chain piecing...

all organized and ready to go!


  1. sorry to hear you were home sick.
    I have a closet shelf of jigsaw puzzles. I would love to take (or have) the time to work them.

    1. Being sick isn't so bad when there's a nice puzzle to work on ^_^ I'm hoping to glue this one together and hang it on the wall, maybe even frame it