06 May 2014

Goals, Gnomes, and Life

Making strip sets (there are 17 different ones)

For my May ALYoF goal I am going to finish piecing the Trinity Celtic Knot quilt that I bought fabric for over a year ago. This quilt is for a wedding in August and I want it professionally quilted so I pretty much need to get it done in the next 1-2 weeks. Yikes.

This brings me to my second point: gnomes. I have somehow gained the favor of an ironing gnome. One day I walked into my room prepared to iron some strip sets for the wedding quilt only to discover that they were freshly pressed (seams open and everything!) and sitting on my desk. I then got to go straight to sewing all my completed strip sets into little nine patches (225 total nine patches in 33 different arrangements). A few days later the ironing gnome returned and ironed nine patches for me while I was busy making more.

Maybe the gnome will return and iron these too...

Finally, my non-quilty life has had some exciting goings-on. Last weekend, my boyfriend and I more or less moved to our new house. We both still have some stuff at our respective places, but all the animals and furniture have made it to the new house.

This room is going to be my sewing room/future guest bedroom

Closet in the new sewing room, basically the reason I claimed that room ^_^

Currently, my sewing machine, ironing board, general sewing supplies, cutting mats, batting, and fabric stash have all made it into this room. However, my table that the sewing machine sits on is still in my old room. This is a problem since we don't have any sort of kitchen or dining room table. I may be awkwardly sewing on the floor this week…


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  1. I can't wait to see how that knot quilt comes together. Congrats on the new place! I will have to come visit some time. I am in DC with Veronica this week.

  2. Enjoy the new place- here's hoping the ironing gnome follows you!