04 August 2013

Eat MORE Things!

Last Thursday, August 1, was my last day in Korea T_T

I did a lot of eating in my last week and a half, but I'm pretty sure I did nothing but eat the last 36 h I was in Korea. With so many tasty things that will be hard to find at home, who can blame me?

First up, another one of those cook it yourself things - kebabs. After cooking, you dip the meat in either a chile pepper spice mix or, my favorite, salt and fennel seeds.

Some classic Korean things I ate:

naengmyeon - cold buckwheat noodle soup
kimchi soup

sun dae - innards and rice sausage, also good in soup form

ddeokbokki, seaweed soup, and fried things

My last supper: bulgogi and rice beer

the rim is egg and kimchi

makgeolli - rice beer

My very last Korean meal: kalguksu. The name actually refers to the type of noodle, but to me there will only ever be seafood noodle soup (haemul kalguksu).

crab, shrimp, mussels, clams, octopus, squid: this soup had it all!

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