13 August 2013

Korean Inspiration #2

The other night in lab, while I was waiting for the centrifuge (bleh!), I finished designing my second Korea-inspired pattern and did all the yardage calculations. I'm calling it Window to Seoul.

The Inspiration: a window shutter in the Secret Garden of Changdeokgung

The original plan

As soon as I got home from lab I pulled the fabric. I had already decided this fabric went together and was just waiting for a use to come along. After a short nap, I dived right in and started cutting. Let's just say I was a little excited ^_^ Of course, in my excitement I managed to mis-cut my Kona Coal. The directions I wrote were right, but it doesn't help if you ignore them... Luckily, I love Kona Coal so I just used this as an opportunity to replenish my supply!

Cut and organized!

I decided to sew it in rows so there are 1-4 repeats of 5 different rows. I made a small change to the middle row, but it didn't really change the piecing much. Yesterday I put the top together and stuck it up on my design wall only to find that I had sewn two of the rows in upside down. *sigh* I probably should have put the pieces on the wall as I was assembling it instead of on the floor/chair/my lap...

Other than those two flipped rows I'm pretty happy with it

Because I don't have any friends, relatives, or acquaintances with a baby on the way (that I know of) I thought this would be the perfect quilt to donate for 100 Quilts for Kids campaign hosted by swim.bike.quilt. I want to donate it to either the local children's home or the Center for Women in Transition, whichever I can get in touch with/wants it first. If all else fails I will just drop it off at my LQS for Project Linus. The current size is about 32"x42" so I'll probably add some borders to make it child sized instead of baby sized.

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  1. Nice, I really like the design! And I'm a big fan of Kona Coal, too. Can't wait to see this one done :) I am off today so I am going to decide what to sew on and get busy!