05 August 2013

Return of the QAL

I know that the Texas Teardrops QAL ended in June, but I've just started working on mine again. I finished a smaller version on the QAL schedule because it was a gift. This full size version (a.k.a. the nerdy version) had only been fused by the time I left the country.

Progress as of the end of the QAL = not much

When I got home from Korea pretty much the first thing I did was quilt (I think I had withdrawal...). So now all the teardrops are appliqu├ęd, the blocks are trimmed, and the setting triangles and borders are all cut. Hopefully I will be able to get the top completed in the next week. I'll have to vacuum my floor first though, so I have somewhere to put it while I'm working!

If you look closely, you can notice that this WIP is sitting atop another WIP...

I ordered a backing and binding but I suspect I will be in Denmark by the time it arrives which means my QAL will be finished a minimum of 3 months behind schedule. Looks like I'm turning my first QAL into a big ol' UFO, I always do get confused with acronyms...


  1. Very cute block. I can't seem to manage a QAL... Not enough hours in the day

  2. It will be lovely, whenever you finish it :)

  3. This will be so cute! I really enjoyed this QAL!

  4. I am loving the nerdy version! Too cute!