16 October 2013

Gung Mun (궁 문) Tut

This is my first tutorial/pattern whatever so sorry in advanced if it's a little... scattered. Anyway, I'm going to show you how to make this:

So that you can make this:

What you need for each block:
1 4.5" square of center fabric
1 1.5"xWOF (minmum 28") strip for inner color (aqua)
      -cut 2 1.5"x9.5" strips
      -cut 2 1.5"x4.5" strips
1 1.5"xWOF (minimum 35") strip for outer color (peach)
      -cut 4 1.5"x2.5" strips
      -cut 2 1.5"x2" strips
      -cut 2 1.5"x10.5" strips
1 5"xWOF (minimum 24") strip for background (white)
      -cut 4 2" squares
      -cut 4 5"x2.5" rectangles
      -cut 4 4.5"x2.5" rectangles

It should look like this:

For piecing, I find it easiest to work from both ends at once.

1. Sew all the short outer fabric strips to their corresponding background pieces. Iron seams open for best results (I didn't, but I should have!).

2. Sew those units to their respective inner or outer fabric strips, again pressing open the seams.

3. Attach small side units to the center square

4. Attach top and bottom

5. Attach the sides and you're done! (Finished size 10"x15")

If you want to make more than one block at a time, strip piecing works great, especially for the pink and white pieces (outer and background). If you wanted to use a charm square for the center (and not trim it) the measurements for each block would be:

1 5" square of center fabric

1 1.5"xWOF (minmum 31") strip for inner color (aqua)
      -cut 2 1.5"x10.5" strips
      -cut 2 1.5"x5" strips
1 1.5"xWOF (minimum 36.5") strip for outer color (peach)
      -cut 4 1.5"x2.5" strips
      -cut 2 1.5"x2.25" strips
      -cut 2 1.5"x11" strips
1 5.25"xWOF (minimum 24.5") strip for background (white)
      -cut 4 2.25" squares
      -cut 4 5"x2.5" rectangles
      -cut 4 5.25"x2.5" rectangles

For a finished size of 10.5"x16"

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