30 September 2013

Stress Sewing

I just spent the last 4 days stress sewing (I've decided that's a thing, according to my landlady "it sounds different" so I think it's real). As a result I pieced my second Korea-inspired top (still calling it Gung Mun) and started yet another project.

I don't know why I put these on the wall since they're all the same

This went together really fast because I made the first 15 blocks with strip piecing. In the end I made 18 because I wanted it to be a little bigger. I pieced the top on Thursday and Friday and then went over to my LQS on Saturday to get backing, batting, and thread. I picked out a binding as well but I'm feeling iffy on it so I might use something else. I know what I'm going to do for quilting, but I need to vacuum my floor before I can baste so on Saturday night I got my scrappy nine patch on instead.

This is what 432 2.5"  squares look like

This morning I started on layout. Pi doesn't like it when I spend too long messing with the design wall because it crowds her spot. She also makes super sad faces when a square falls off the wall and lands on her. Poor doggy!

She's a pretty good sport usually, though. 

This is slightly more than half of the DNPs. The empty spaces between the DNPs are going to have scrappy HSTs in them. I cut the fabric for these as well but I want to make some spray starch before I start sewing up all those HSTs.

Loki didn't feel disturbed by my sewing in the least

If I remember, I'll link this up to WIP Wednesday...


  1. I really like that first top! I like your Asian inspired patterns. I used to stress sew alot when i was in school

  2. Love the Korea-inspired quilt top - it's just lovely!