11 September 2013

Spoke Too Soon

On Friday, I posted my 100 Quilts for Kids finish. Also on Friday, I was invited to a baby shower on Sept 20. I had decided to donate a quilt because I didn't have anyone with a baby coming up, or so I thought. It completely slipped my mind that one of my fellow anatomy TAs was not only pregnant, but due this fall (late November it turns out). Since I have already committed to donating the quilt I just finished, I am going to have to make another. Oh no, what a tragedy, I just hate making quilts... Wait.

So anyway, I'm jumping on the Molli Sparkles Broken Herringbone Quilt Along bandwagon! Hurray!

Only 2 more strip sets to go!

I'm doing 12 blocks and not really following the QAL schedule or color scheme... Does it still count if I don't do it rainbow and finish in 2 weeks? I feel as though this violates the spirit of the QAL, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Step 1: add sashing
Step 2: make strip pair
Thanks to 'No Science on Saturdays' I have gotten 2/3 of the way through making the blocks. I'm doing all 12 at the same time so after I decided on strip set orders it went pretty fast. Laying out all the strips took up my entire floor but it was important to me that I get a sufficiently scrappy feel and that every block has 6 different fabrics. Shockingly enough, I have managed to keep everything in order so far (chain piecing really helps!).

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  1. Beautiful! I think it should count. You have a purpose for the quilt and that always helps me feel less guilty about the time and money. I am sure your co-worker will love it. Found you from WIP Wednesday.