23 September 2013

WIP Wednesday: Epic Fail

This weekend, I decided to finally finish my Fly South quilt that has been waiting to be quilted for months. So, Sunday morning I sat down and made some squiggly lines for about 2 hours.

I was quite pleased with how it was going. (ignore that chopped off point, we're talking about quilting here!)

Then I looked at the back.

T_T x 10000000000000000.2

For the first time in a long time (possibly ever) I managed to quilt in a whole slew of wrinkles and folds. I spent the entire afternoon un-quilting. Then I folded this sucker up and stuck it in the closet where I intend to leave for another few months. I think this might fall into the 'better luck next year' category...

And now, since there are only 44.5 days until my qual (eep!), I'm afraid I may have to stop all things quilty until 45.5 days from now. Possibly that whole "No Science on Saturdays" nonsense as well...

1 comment:

  1. Nooo I want you to finish is so I can see it! I love that quilting choice, too. At least what I can see it of. WHEN you quilt it again you should stick to that method. PS I am putting something in the mail for you tomorrow :)