04 March 2015

WIP: Wishes QAL

Last year the Fat Quarter Shop had this cool Wishes QAL. At the time, I wasn't doing much quilting so I didn't join in but I did diligently collect up the patterns each month and ogle the Flickr group. Also some time last year I got a FQ bundle from Connecting Threads featuring rain themed fabrics (I think it's called Soaked by Jenni Calo) because I thought they were super cute and just couldn't resist.

This is the order they're supposed to be in but I don't love it

The time has finally come to put my impulse buy and QAL longing together to make my very own Wishes quilt! So far I've done half of the blocks and I'm happy with 4 out of 6.

Left: Blech. This block lacks punch. Right: Was I drunk when I sewed this? Those points are nowhere near aligned

I'm a little disappointed in my fabric choice for block 3 Annie's Choice, I should have gone for something darker for the middle and used the lightning bolts in place of one of the grays. And somehow only 2 sides match up in block 6 Susannah. Apparently I'm having trouble with quilt blocks named after people...

I'm hoping to finish this one up tonight after work.

Number 8 Mrs. Taft's Choice is up next. I skipped number 7 Court House Lawn for now. Please don't hate me quilt block named after a person!!


  1. Beautiful blocks, I love the colors!

  2. Maybe you'll like the layout better if/when you rework the two blocks you don't like? The fabrics are very cute, to be sure!